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Every girl tends to look perfect. To do this, she makes a fashionable hairstyle and makeup, but also mandatory components of good appearance are hands with beautiful nails manicure pictures.

In 2013, the women's manicure has undergone major changes compared to previous years. This year, the highest demand is for the nails with pictures of animals (cats, bears, etc.) as well as medium nails with a white tip.

Nails with rhinestones (rhinestone is usually located on ring-finger) become the mainstream.

Beautiful and nice girl simply must have beautiful manicured nails with eye-catching designs. On our site you can find lot of manicure pictures with painted nails.

We believe every girl is trying to express herself and to be special and exclusive ideas for manicure pictures on your nails you may find in our manicure directory. Bright, unforgettable, fun and unique nail painting will add variety to your manicure and impressions, and your friends will be admired by your imagination and esthetic taste.

Accentuate your personality with a beautiful manicure. Look for inspiration and ideas for designs on your nails on